In many companies difficult colleagues are, unfortunately, the standard - not the exception. They come in many packages; they may be rude, loud, manipulative, or absurdly competitive. It's your choice whether you gnash your teeth over their behavior, or whether you want to deal with them effectively. If you're in the latter category, here's how:

Limit Your Interaction. Sadly, this is not always a possibility. But if the annoying coworker in your office is someone you do not have to actually spend time working with, then avoid them whenever possible.

There's no point in having your time wasted by someone you don't enjoy, so if you see them headed your way, look busy!



Express Yourself. If a coworker constantly says unpleasant or negative things around you, call them on it in a non-confrontational way. People tend to react better to criticism when it's delivered in a way that expresses how their actions affect someone else.

For instance, try something like, "I really find that it's easier to stay focused at work when I'm positive.







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